About Us

Our team at Imperial Expedition comprises experienced and knowledgeable guides passionate about sharing their love of the outdoors and culture with our clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and providing the best possible experiences for our clients. We offer a wide range of tours, treks, and climbs in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Peru, & Kilimanjaro. Our tours are designed to give you a close-up look at the fascinating cultures of these regions, while our treks and climbs provide the opportunity to explore some of the world's most beautiful and challenging landscapes.

We understand that traveling can be stressful, so we focus on providing tours designed with health and wellness in mind. Our tours offer the opportunity to escape into beautiful new worlds while also having the potential to bring home perspectives that nurture the body and soul. Our goal is to provide a quality experience while supporting the local economy. We believe in sustainable tourism and strive to minimize environmental impact while supporting local communities.

Thank you for considering Imperial Expedition for your next adventure. We look forward to guiding you on a journey of a lifetime!
Why Imperial Expedition: 

Imperial Expedition is a personal and hands-on adventure travel company that provides unique and customized experiences for our clients. Unlike larger trekking companies, Imperial Expedition organizes and leads every trip, keeping groups small and intimate. Before each trip, we offer orientation and answer questions to prepare their clients for an amazing cultural experience. The team leader, who is highly qualified and experienced, will be with the clients throughout the trip, ensuring their comfort, health, and safety.

The company prioritizes its clients' comfort, health, and safety and believes that a positive attitude is key to the success of any adventure trip. We take care of all the details to help our clients endure even the harshest environments and strive to create a balance between adventure and cultural immersion.

At Imperial Expedition, we work with clients to customize their itineraries and make all necessary local arrangements to ensure their comfort and free up their time. We accommodate all group sizes, including solo travelers, and offer discounts for groups of 4 or more.