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Camping Trek in Nepal
Mt. Dhaulagiri
Everest Base Camp Celebration

 “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Land Cost:$ 2950

Land Cost $ 2999

Land Cost:$ 5500

Land Cost $ 2900

Land Cost: $ 3500

Land Cost: $ 4600

Land Cost: $ 2850

Land Cost: $ 2800

Land Cost:4500 

Land Cost: $ 3100

Ginger Konvalin  

Nevada City, California 

I am personally writing to you and expressing my deepest gratitude for an extraordinary journey! Our days in Nepal and the entire trip surpassed my hopes and manifested my dream. The word that most aptly describes our indescribable experience is "phenomenal". Our days in your country were dreamlike in the richness, color, sanctity, beauty, surprise and loving kindness that we experienced throughout our journey. The planning was superb and maximized all of our experiences. Chhiri, Dipesh, and Som were an extraordinary support team. We could not have been more fortunate. We are STILL aglow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Can't wait to see the completed video! I hope your eye surgery tomorrow (already today for you) goes very well and I will send you healing energy. I also hope your family is healthy and happy and the NEW YEAR brings all of you great goodness and joy!


Craig & Carol Hinshaw 

Davison, Michigan

Travel to the “roof of the world”. See Everest and yak herds at 10,000 feet. Encounter two of the world’s great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Shop and eat at the choicest spots. We did it all and more with Pem and Of Global Interest Travel. We highly recommend Pem and his wonderful guides he arranged as we traveled in Tibet and Nepal for 3 ½ weeks. It was inspiring to hear Pem’s stories and to see beautiful Nepal through his eyes and experiences. The Nepali people are very friendly and the landscapes are beautiful. We appreciated Pem and all of the staff at Of Global Interest accommodating our requests. They did everything they could to make our trip a very enjoyable and memorable one! We were very impressed with how they handled the illness of one of our group members while touring Tibet. They were very professional and caring; making arrangements for her and the rest of the group to continue on our trip. Every detail was arranged and when adjustments needed to be made; we were informed and plans seamlessly made. Thank you Pem and the staff of Of Global Interest for a fabulous journey!


Sally Johnson

Ann Arbor, Michigan

I've traveled twice with Pem and hope to make another trip next fall or spring. In 2011, at age 68, I joined a small group for the trek to Mt Everest base camp - a life-long dream of mine, and nothing short of spectacular -- even though I didn't make it all the way! I knew by the end of our first day hiking that I'd be hard pressed to keep up - and Pem immediately made an alternate plan for me, moving more slowly with more frequent stops, with one of the assistant guides staying with me. It was great! I could go at my own pace, and have plenty of time for picture taking. Then in May, 2013, I joined Pem's Kathmandu-Lhasa Tibet tour. What an experience! So much learning. One amazing highlight: at one of the Buddhist Temples we visited, we climbed a couple of stories (ladders) to arrive on a roof where dozens of Tibetans were tramping gravel to form a new roof - organized into two facing groups who worked by dance/marching toward each other, singing back and forth as they went. (Of course we joined in, and were welcomed.) I'm hoping to do another Nepal trek next year - of course planned by "Of Global Interest." The company, and Pem whom I know best, are incredibly attuned to the individual travelers in the group, going to all lenghts to create the excellent experience for each person. I plan to travel in that part of the world often, and I would never consider a different company.