Camille Monigatti Lake


When I first booked my flight out to Nepal 9 months ago, I had no idea what adventures would lie in store for me once I arrived. I traveled the length of the Annapurna Circuit and then, after a brief rest in Pokhara, walked the Everest Base Camp region. Both of these incredible experiences, filled with laughter, awe, and beauty, would never have been possible without the help of my amazing guide, Ngima Sherpa, his brother Pem Sherpa, and their company Imperial Expedition. It was through their help and guidance that I had the best, most comfortable, adventurous time of my life while in Nepal. It was absolutely indispensable to have someone who knew the country and the roads with me; their knowledge about the culture, the history, and the people added an extra element of learning to my trip that I am grateful for, and wouldn’t trade for anything. I hope someday to return to Nepal, and when I do, I know exactly which company I am going to contact first to help me have the best trip possible; I already know by experience that my life is safe in their capable hands, and that my adventure will be tailored to fit my curiosities and needs. 

Barry Turner

Grass Valley, California

I can't quite figure out how to phrase my appreciation for the expertise of Pem Sherpa and his crew for supporting our September-October 2008 Rotary International medical/dental project and subsequent trekking and climbing expeditions. If I tell the literal truth it will sound like too much, but the reality is that our volunteer group of 21 California volunteers (mostly Rotarians) had complicated arrivals, departures, tour needs, etc.). We had 2000+ pounds of medical and dental equipment and supplies that had to be transported to the remote Chyangba worksite. Following the work project, Pem Sherpa orchestrated our successful climb of Lobuche Peak (20,070'). He followed the perfect altitude acclimatization profiles in getting us to the summit. His team provided a "fixed rope" route for most of the summit climb day, giving climbers the same technical challenge for climbing the mountain while increasing the safety if any climber were to fall. His attention to detail and the devotion of his climbing guides were second to none I have ever experienced in my many guided climbs. I would highly recommend Pem Sherpa and his Of Global Interest organization and wish him and his staff good luck.

Sharolyn Durodola

Denver, Colorado

It was obvious that the guides put much planning into my visit to Nepal and Bhutan. Everything was perfect and I learned so much. Yes, the guides took care of me and were very knowledgeable about the sites that we visited. I had unexpected travel delays getting into Kathmandu but Dinesh was great with contacting me via Facebook and email to let me know that he would be in the airport - and he waited there for hours. Both guides were able and willing to take me to places that were high on my list and were knowledgeable about the culture and history - especially the history and culture related to Hinduism and Buddhism. Bhutan was more than I ever imagined with so much rich history and very humble people. The hotels there were great - especially the one in Paro. The staff there was so friendly and warm and the meals were always excellent. They were very accommodating towards my vegetarian diet! I believe that it was my favorite hotel. Overall, I would definitely travel with your organization again in the future!!!!


Rob and Beth Bodjanac

Escanaba, Michigan

We didn’t want to repeat the accolades that others have given to Imperial Expedition describing the fantastic organizational and personal support they provided on our recent EBC trek, but it is impossible not to. Participating in such and adventure is not like taking a trip to Disney, where each moment is carefully scripted ahead of time and unfolds according to the prescribed plan. Weather and a host of other factors can influence how your experience unfolds on this kind of trip. The Itinerary is a good plan, but don’t think of it as a rigid absolute. The weather we encountered was fairly unpredictable and while this had considerable influence on our original scheduled itinerary, it by no means detracted from our enjoyment of the experience provided by Imperial Expedition. We wanted to see Mount Everest, and as the cloudy weather for that portion of the trek did not afford a decent view of the mountain, we were able, through our guide and support people in Kathmandu, to charter a helicopter for the next clear morning. While the efforts to charter the helicopter were taking place we remembered one of the pieces of advice Heather (Director/Founder of Imperial Expedition) had given us: simply, “to be flexible”. She was right. It was the ride of a lifetime, and we were able to fulfill our desire to see the mountain first hand. This trip was incredible, and long before it was close to being over, we were debating which of the other excursions offered by Imperial Expedition we wanted to go on next. We are amazed by all the things they did for us to make this experience joyfully memorable. We highly recommend using them. We know we will be using them again for our future adventures!

Ginger Konvalin

Nevada City, California

Hi Pem, I am personally writing to you and expressing my deepest gratitude for an extraordinary journey! Our days in Nepal and the entire trip surpassed my hopes and manifested my dream. The word that most aptly describes our indescribable experience is "phenomenal". Our days in your country were dreamlike in the richness, color, sanctity, beauty, surprise and loving kindness that we experienced throughout our journey. The planning was superb and maximized all of our experiences. Chhiri, Dipesh, and Som were an extraordinary support team. We could not have been more fortunate. We are STILL aglow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Can't wait to see the completed video! I hope your eye surgery tomorrow (already today for you) goes very well and I will send you healing energy. I also hope your family is healthy and happy and the NEW YEAR brings all of you great goodness and joy!

Mike & Rachel Stuckey

Seattle, Washington

Hi Pem: We feel very fortunate to have chosen Of Global Interest for our first Nepal adventure. Our trip was excellent; thanks to the great care we received from you and the guides and porters. The highlights: --Climbing Sherpas Ngima and Pemba were attentive and communicative to our needs throughout the entire trek and climb. They took great care to make sure we got safely up and down slippery rocks and ice. We felt secure and happy at all times in their care. --The porters were amazing, always smiling and ready to go and generally arriving before we did at the destination for the day. It was simply fabulous to arrive at high camp, find our tent waiting and proceed to get almost overwhelmed with tea and food! --D'Nesh made sure everything worked out in Kathmandu, always showing up to see to it that we got the flight to Lukla, the car to the airport, etc. --Your own personal attention, by meeting us in Kathmandu, taking us to dinner, answering all our questions by email and the phone was also greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to book another trip with your company. We hope you have much success and happiness in helping trekkers and climbers discover the delights of your wonderful homeland. We will definitely return at some point! Thanks so much, 


Terry & Robin Prechter

Nevada City, California

My wife, Robin and I were members of a Rotary International medical/ dental Project in rural Nepal during the end of the monsoon season in 2008. We had the very good fortune to have Pem Dorje Sherpa and his Imperial Expedition outfitting company organize and equip our project. From flight arrangements, visas and exchange rates to tents, sleeping bags and rain gear this company performed well beyond our expectations. Pem has twice summated Mount Everest and proved to be every bit as responsible and determined to see that each in our party of 22 was comfortable and safe. We had a day and a half hike into the village and treated several hundred villagers during our stay, many of whom had traveled days to receive care. Our trip was a huge success and would not have been possible without the oversight of Imperial Expedition. Following the Rotary International project, six of us left to trek in Nepal's Langtang National Park. The ten-day trek of over a hundred miles was an awe-inspiring and memorable experience and once again we had Imperial Expedition arrange our equipment, porters and evenings in beautiful Teahouses along the way. This was a photo trip beyond compare. We highly recommend Imperial Expedition for anyone looking to enjoy a lifetime experience in Nepal.

Sally Johnson

Ann Arbor, Michigan

I've traveled twice with Pem and hope to make another trip next fall or spring. In 2011, at age 68, I joined a small group for the trek to Mt Everest base camp - a life-long dream of mine, and nothing short of spectacular -- even though I didn't make it all the way! I knew by the end of our first-day hiking that I'd be hard pressed to keep up - and Pem immediately made an alternate plan for me, moving more slowly with more frequent stops, with one of the assistant guides staying with me. It was great! I could go at my own pace, and have plenty of time for picture taking. Then in May 2013, I joined Pem's Kathmandu-Lhasa Tibet tour. What an experience! So much learning. One amazing highlight: at one of the Buddhist Temples we visited, we climbed a couple of stories (ladders) to arrive on a roof where dozens of Tibetans were tramping gravel to form a new roof - organized into two facing groups who worked by dance/marching toward each other, singing back and forth as they went. (Of course, we joined in, and were welcomed.) I'm hoping to do another Nepal trek next year - of course, planned by "Imperial Expedition." The company, and Pem whom I know best are incredibly attuned to the individual travelers in the group, going to all lengths to create an excellent experience for each person. I plan to travel in that part of the world often, and I would never consider a different company.

Craig & Carol Hinshaw

Davison, Michigan

Travel to the “roof of the world”. See Everest and yak herds at 10,000 feet. Encounter two of the world’s great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Shop and eat at the choicest spots. We did it all and more with Pem and Imperial Expedition. We highly recommend Pem and his wonderful guides he arranged as we traveled in Tibet and Nepal for 3 ½ weeks. It was inspiring to hear Pem’s stories and to see beautiful Nepal through his eyes and experiences. The Nepali people are very friendly and the landscapes are beautiful. We appreciated Pem and all of the staff at Imperial Expedition accommodating our requests. They did everything they could to make our trip a very enjoyable and memorable one! We were very impressed with how they handled the illness of one of our group members while touring Tibet. They were very professional and caring; making arrangements for her and the rest of the group to continue on our trip. Every detail was arranged and when adjustments needed to be made; we were informed and plans seamlessly made. Thank you, Pem and the staff of Imperial Expedition for a fabulous journey!

Stephen Scott-Fawcett


For the past 10 years, I have been trekking and climbing in the Himalayan region. I have enjoyed every single trip and the have marveled at the agility of the porters and appreciated the expertise of my Sherpa guides. However, my recent trek (a return to Everest) with Pem Dorjee Sherpa and his team from Imperial Expedition exceeded all my expectations and previous experiences. Quite simply, Pem is the first-class guide with excellent mountain knowledge. Just as impressive are his ‘people skills’ – nothing is too much trouble for him. He will accommodate the whims and ambitions of anyone, it seems. With Pem and his team you are in safe hands and when you travel high and remote THAT is what matters most. From now on the idea of trekking without Pem Dorjee Sherpa is unthinkable.


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