• Heather O’Neal


Dear President Bush,

The general consensus among scholarly Americans is that we must NOT go to war. We must avoid killing innocent people at all costs. The enemy is hoping we make this blunder so that all Islamic nations together at once will turn abruptly against the US and will be driven by rage (and religion) to destroy America completely. This is the enemy’s goal. We must keep (good) Muslims ON OUR SIDE and do what is necessary to help alleviate suffering in this part of the world. It is in our best interest.

I plead with you (as I used to tell my seventh grade students when they were angry at each other) to rise above it! We must sympathize with Muslims and the Middle Eastern nations. Our plan must be to gain their support so that they turn against the enemy too. Right now it is most important that the common people of these countries side with the United States and NOT with the enemy. The Koran preaches peace, not terrorism. They are on our side.

I have faith that you will do what you can to keep the world united. Not one innocent person needs to be killed. This is what America stands for. Do not stoop to the level of the enemy. Rise above him, confuse him, let the Islamic world and the entire world despise him. This way he will get what he deserves. His, Their plan must backfire!

Your actions are most critical. No one envies your position now. You must look toward the future. It is in your power today to make the world a better and a brighter place.

This event has forced America to look itself in the mirror. We suddenly see ourselves dominating the world at the expense of every other nation. What kind of friend is someone you fear? We must stop being so harsh. Globalization is becoming dirty. We cannot be proud to live like kings and queens if it means the rest of the world must suffer. Democracy contradicts itself if it can only exist by stepping upon other nations, other people, other cultures, other friends. (If this is necessary for capitalism, we must reconsider that too.) Our foreign policy must change. Compassion must enter our government soon. With this, the votes of the American people will most certainly follow.

Another reality this situation has exposed is that America, in fact, created this enemy with our own money, our own time and energy and training camps! We started the ill concept of terrorism to fight Russia and communism during the Cold War. When we look to find those nations who “harbor” this evil, we must also look to ourselves!

Goodness, beauty and love are universal and will prevail. Understanding each other is key to solving our disputes. Let us show the world what wisdom and education can do. Everyone already knows the work of bombs and guns.

Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Heather O’Neal Of Global Interest LLC

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